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                      Pet Care Service & Fees                              







                                            ***New Pricing for 2024*** 

*Pet Sitting 

When you are away from home and require your Pets to be fed, walked, exercised, litter box cleaning, & given attention & interaction.

I will do my best to keep your Pets in thier regular daily routine. If requested I will also bring in your mail, water your plants, take out the garbage and adjust any lighting in your home.




Pet Sitting - $20.00 for First Daily Visit - $5.00 for each additional visit in the same day - Dogs & Or Cats 

     ***Monticello - Savannah Point - Southwind*** additional visits in the same day will now be $10 each                                            


* 1 Hour Pet Sits $25.00 Dogs & Cats

    ***Monticello - Savannah Point - Southwind *** 1 Hour Pet Sits $30 Dogs & Cats

***3+ Hour Pet Sits***

This service is offered to those who need me to stay several hours with your Pet.

$60 for a 3 Hour Visit and $10 an Hour for each additional hour
* This service is offered depending on my schedule and availability*


*Overnight Pet Care*  ***No Longer Available***

If you would like your Pet to have overnight supervision I will stay in your home overnight. This visit includes a bedtime Potty Break, snacks, and morning feeding and Potty Break. 

*Dog Walking & Potty Breaks


* Dog Walking *

Dog Walking Provides Exercise for your Pet and a chance to relieve themselves if necessary. I will freshen the water and add food or treats if requested. These fees are for up to 2 dogs, additional $5.00 will be added for each additional dog


* 20 - 30  minute walk $20.00 Monticello - Savannah Point - Southwind $25.00

* 1 Hour walk $25.00 Monticello - Savannah Point - Southwind $30

* Potty Breaks

Potty Breaks are great if you work long hours, get detained and are unable to return home as planned or just want to give your Pet a quick trip outside in your back yard.


* 15 minutes $15.00 Monticello - Savannah Point - Southwind $20  

*Additional Fees and Services*

*Medication* Insulin Injections - Pills - Sub-Q Fluid Administration

Medication Fee will be discussed at the Initial Pet Visit

Sub-Q Fluid Treatments $5.00 per Treatment *Depending on Pet*


**Holidays May Be An Additional $3.00 per day** 


* New Years Eve

* New Years Day

* Easter Sunday

* Memorial Day

* Independence

* Labor Day

* Thanksgiving Day

* Black Friday

* Christmas Eve

* Christmas Day

* Returned Check Fee $50.00


* Payment is Due at time of Service. No Exceptions*


                           ***Cash Only***









































Before any service is provided, an initial Meet & Greet Visit will be scheduled. This will ensure that I learn more about your Pet and thier daily routine and that you feel comfortable hiring me to care for your Pet as well. There is no fee for this visit.               



                                  Please call 724-388-1575 to set up an appointment.



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