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Peri's References

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 ***For Savannah Lakes Villiage Clients Referrals***

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We have enjoyed two years of having Peri as our pet sitter for our four dogs, including three basset hounds and a golden retriever. She is wonderful with animals, and they love her! My bunch is very rambunctious and Peri was able to manage them just fine. Without exception, she was always able and willing to accommodate a request, even the last-minute requests, to sit with the dogs when needed. The puppies all love her and miss her since her move to Las Vegas. She is a responsible, kind and caring person who obviously loves animals very much. Our loss is Nevada's good fortune!
Jill Fiore

Dear Prospective Client,


We write this letter with the highest recommendation for Peri. We have used her services over the last year for our yellow Labrador Retriever Jake. We have used her pet walking service when we travel and had her walk Jake several times a day. It was so relaxing to be able to travel and not worry about the care that Jake received. Peri would also keep us updated on his daily walks via text so we knew exactly what was going on. Peri is a wonderful person and a true animal lover! She understands the deep feelings we have for our pets and will give them the same love and attention! We are going to miss her terribly now that she is not in our area.

Best wishes,


Steve and Barbara Means



To Whom It May Concern:


I have known Peri McGinnis for the past 15 years as a client and friend of Clarion Animal Hospital, Clarion, Pennsylvania. During that time I have worked with her closely regarding the healthcare of her multiple pets, to include several pedigreed cats and a Boxer dog. Over the course of this time, I have witnessed the utmost in care, concern, and love she has shown her “family” pets, and can personally attest to the fact that these pets have received all the best care possible. With this care, there have been several complicated health issues we have addressed. I found Peri to be and excellent caregiver due to her highly inquisitive nature and pursuit of detail in desiring to know as much as possible regarding a particular diagnosis on any individual pet. This has helped greatly in the successful treatment of these pets. Over time, I have enjoyed the professional relationship developed with Peri. I believe her to be hard-working, detail oriented, with an excellent team-approach to problems presented. I give Peri my strongest recommendation to anyone or group who is considering her for employment. I believe her caring, compassionate, and hard-working nature will make her an asset to any organization. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any additional questions.




Jatin P. Mehta, DVM

Clarion Animal Hospital  

Office: 814-227-2603


Las Vegas Reviews


May 1, 2014

Peri is AMAZING!My dog, Mopsy moved in with me full time and was used to living at a house with a yard and doggy door. I was very nervous about how she would react to living in an apartment and being home alone while I was at work. Peri made Mopsy's transition go very smoothly. I, as a mommy (my baby being my dog) was very nervous about Mopsy's well being. Now, I know that Peri will be there-- which completely puts my nerves at ease. She lets me know everyday how their visit was, how Mopsy was, and sometimes sends a picture. Receiving a message while I'm at work that let's me know my dog is happy and doing well allows me to relax. Having Peri in my life is wonderful and her love for animals makes me so happy because I know she treats my dog as if it was her own. Mopsy loves Peri, and I couldn't be happier with her services and professionalism. Her prices are great and I couldn't ask for a more reliable and trustworthy pet sitter!

Brittany B.

I am so very Blessed to Have Such Wonderful Pets and Owners! 

It is never easy when a Wondeful Client moves away... It was a Pleasure Carol to have had the chance to care for your Wonderful Kittys, "Tigger"  "Baby" & "Callie"  I will miss you all but blessed by having you all in my life...

I could never thank Peri enough for being such a wonderful and reliable care giver to my 4 month old Yorkie puppy, Enzo. Due to a crazy work schedule and the need for mid-day and occasional evening visits Monday through Friday, I would never be able to care for him properly without her help. Peri has such a passion for animals and has allowed me to have peace of mind during long days at work. Check-in texts after each visit are a great source of comfort, and updates with photos or videos always put a smile on my face! I can't thank her enough for all the love and care she provides him, playing with toys, assisting with potty training, and making sure he has a mid-day snack. I recommend her services to anyone looking for a dependable, experienced care giver for their four-legged friend. 


Alex Campito

Little "Enzo" pictured above was one of the little puppies who was in the terrible Pet Store Fire and Alex his new mom was a lucky winner in the adoption lottery !

When considering hiring a dog walker/sitter, we were a bit concerned about finding the ‘right’ person to help.  Our dogs are our babies, and they can be a handful! One has pancreatitis so he must adhere to a strict diet, and the other can be aggressive towards other dogs, so they each need special handling.  From day one, Peri has been a God-send!  Our dogs LOVE her, and she is very attentive and loving to our pups.  She is prompt, flexible, friendly, has excellent communication and is overall a delight. I STRONGLY recommend her to anyone in the area looking for a reliable and trustworthy person to walk or care for their fur babies.  THANK YOU PERI!


Joshua & Sylvia Jones - Las Vegas, NV


We are so lucky to have found Peri! We could not have hoped for a more responsible and loving person to care for our 2 senior kitties. She truly allowed our family to rest easy during our vacation. I highly recommend her service as you will not find anyone more trustworthy, professional, responsible, and caring. Her fees are also quite reasonable, especially for the level of care she provides for her furry clients. 

Susan Goldsmith






Peri did an amazing job caring for our pets while we were on vacation. She is super professional, she even provides her own background and references. We got daily updates on the pets. Our dog got sick mid way through our trip and she provided round the clock care. She even took some of linens home to clean. Peri's care is above and beyond! Rest assure your pets are in good hands with her.




Dear Pet Owner, 

I recently moved to Las Vegas from Hawaii and needed someone trustworthy to care for my dog Saidy while I was at work for long hours at the hospital. I was fortunate enough to find Peri through the Southern Nevada Association of Profession Pet Services (SNAPPS). 


I interviewed many candidates from SNAPPS and I found Peri to be the friendliest. We scheduled for her to meet my dog Saidy and she was very professional, gave me her business card, her business contract, and took notes on what kind of food she ate, amount, where everything was, even emergency vet information. 


Peri took care of my precious Saidy 4 days a week. She fed her, gave her fresh water, took her out to potty, and took her on short walks… Saidy fell in love with her. 

She was always professional, on time, and accommodating if I needed to make changes in schedule. 


Saidy and I highly recommend Peri to care for your animals.  She is absolutely an animal lover and it shows in the amazing care she provided my Saidy who is the most important thing to me in the entire world. I have never had any problems with her and trust her 100% with my Saidy’s life and in my home. We were so blessed to have her in our lives.


Thank you so much, 

Saidy and Eliza Saiki

I found this little stufffed Dog along the road next to a garbage can... I brought her home and washed her up...As soon as I started walking Saidy... I knew what I was going too name her!!!  Her name is "Saidy".. Thank You Liza and Sweet Saidy for the wonderful times Saidy & I had !! She is truly a special girl!!

Amanda L.JPG

Stinky, Ivy & Maggie


Tami C Rec Ltr.jpeg
Peri Referral Les Klinger.jpg

Savannah Lakes Villiage Referrals

Peri is amazing!!!  We have had her pup-sit for our two dogs (“the girls”) for almost a year now.  She is so good to them which allows us to be away and feel totally confident that they are being taken care of with love.  Her background also gives me peace of mind if a problem were to arise.  We are so lucky to have her here within our community.  This allows our girls to stay in the comfort of our home and keep up their daily routine.  They love having her take care of them!!!  I highly recommend having Peri take care of your fur babies!! 


Thanks, Sandee Sappenfeild


Dates I will not be Available 2023​

June 22-25

July 7-10

August 26-29

Sept 8-11

October 25- November 1

I have been using Peri McGinnis pet care since April 2020. Peri is a wonderful, caring, compassionate professional who has various pet medical certifications including, but not limited to, Pet First Aid and CPR. My first visit with Peri consisted of a meet and greet at my home. Peri took the time before agreeing to care for Laci, my Yorkshire Terrier to ensure she could properly meet Laci’s and my needs. After meeting Peri in person, I felt very confident Laci was going to be cared for and loved.


During Peri’s in-home care visits with Laci, Peri routinely texts me and sends me pictures while she is walking Laci or tending to Laci’s care. Peri’s texts are informative and help to minimize my anxiety about being away from Laci because Peri lets me know if Laci ate her meal, took her medicine, is doing well, if she is tired, playful, or whatever the case may be during that particular visit. Peri ensures Laci’s medication is administered properly and Laci’s food is prepared as discussed. 


Not only do I trust Peri with Laci, I completely trust her inside my home. In my opinion, Peri’s rate are reasonable and fair. It’s a pretty easy decision for me to continually call on Peri‘s services due to the reasons written above and more importantly, because Laci absolutely loves Peri and so do I!

Nancy Termini


I would like to offer a heartfelt and genuine recommendation to anyone

interested in and in need of pet care. Peri McGinnis is not only

caring and compassionate, but also very efficient and knowledgeable.

She readily offers a "meet and greet" in order to get to know the

customer, pet and home. Peri's notes are thorough and she adheres to

them flawlessly. Daily pictures are sent to reassure that things are

going well. The fact that Peri has a background as a veterinary

technician is added peace of mind. She has kindly offered helpful

advice more than once which brought solution to medical concerns I

had. My pet loves her; that says so much!


I feel very fortunate to have found Peri and I can assure that she

will not disappoint.




Lorie Sigmon

I’d like to give a Big Shout Out for Peri McGinnis and Pet Care, LLC. We are new to the Village and are so pleased to have met up with Peri and know that when we have to leave Lucy, our 6 year old Yorkie, she will be in the best care


From our first meet up with Peri we were confident we wouldn’t have to worry about Lucy.


Peri was very professional and wanted to be sure she knew all about Lucy and any special needs she had.


It also gave us great comfort to know if there was any type of medical emergency Peri is very competent to handle it till Lucy could get to our Vet.


Peri is not just a dog walker or pet sitter, she takes time to text us and send us pictures while she is with Lucy and gives us daily reports


You will definitely be pleased if you have a need to leave your pets behind with Peri McGinnis, Owner

of Pet Care, LLC


Sue Sharrar

To Whom it May Concern,

I am pleased to provide this reference for Peri McGinnis as a pet sitter. 

Peri has been taking excellent care of our dog since our arrival to SLV in July of 2021. From the day of our meet and greet she not only made me feel comfortable and less stressed, but our dog too! You could sense immediately her love and compassion for animals. 

Peri has always been timely with her visits and sends a picture and quick visit update which is such a wonderful touch. To say her service provides us peace of mind is an understatement. 

I would highly recommend Peri to anyone who is looking for a pet sitter that is not only reliable and responsible, but who is also knowledgeable regarding pet care.



Michele Balish

I am happy to recommend Peri McGinnis Pet Care to anyone who has a need for someone to care for their beloved pets.


She was so thorough in our meet and greet, making notes of every detail to insure nothing was left to chance.  Her concern for my pets was obvious as she confirmed who my vet was in case of emergency and advising me to make sure my vet knew when I was out of town and that she could authorize care for them.  The fact that she has ten years experience as a Vet Technician gives me added peace of mind.  I get daily texts and pictures (sometimes quite humorous pictures) of both cats to let me know that all is well.  I can tell from the pictures that the cats that they are happy to see her.


Her dedication and professionalism is so appreciated.


Kathy Santmire

Peri is awesome and very trustworthy! We appreciate how often she checks in and sends us pictures of our four legged fur baby. She goes above and beyond by watering our plants and picking up our mail. You won't find anyone as dependable and caring as Peri. We love her and never worry while we are away.


Deb & Gary Martin

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